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Welcom Message from Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration, Finance & Planning)-Prof. Zachary Njogu Waita, PhD.

On behalf of the administrative division of Chuka University, I wish to whole- heartedly welcome you to our prophetic institution of higher learning. We are happy and excited to have you join the Chuka University family as you pursue your dream career and quest for education and knowledge. I wish to thank you for choosing Chuka University and wish to assure you that you made the correct choice.
Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on your excellent performance in your form four level of studies which enabled you to clinch admission in Chuka University. Your performance reflects your dedication to hard work and self-discipline and wholesome focus on your goals in life. I wish to urge you to continue in that spirit even as you continue to explore new educational heights at Chuka University. Never lose the sight of the objectives that you have for your education and in life. Through hard work, self-discipline, academic devotion you will eventually achieve what you have set for yourself.
The university also opens up new horizons for you in meeting new people and fellow students from all over Kenya. This gives you a golden chance to fraternize and create new friends from all over the country, consolidating the national character of our people. I wish to urge to make the years you will be at Chuka University, the most memorable years of your life. I urge you to use your time well by being excellent time managers so that your academic and social life are ultimately balanced for your individual benefit and service to the community.
In Chuka University, we have endeavored to create a conducive academic environment to support your academic quest. The administrative division will continue to support you as you acclimatize to life in Chuka .The division is will offer support services necessary for you to achieve your academic tasks. We shall continuously ensure the services are in place and functional. These include but not limited to; student accommodation, catering, student finance and student health services.

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Welcom Message from Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic, Research & Student Affairs)-Prof. Dorcas K. Isutsa, Ph.D.

For the first year students who will go through all the orientation sessions and content, I take this opportunity to thank you in advance. Orientation information should help lay a firm start on solid footing. A lot of wise advice will be given to you by all those who will address you through their write-ups. So peruse through all of it.
Without repeating too much, I briefly want to assure you that in Chuka University, noble careers are pursued, shaped and earned. Many former students, who came here in search of higher education went through it successfully and are engaged in fruitful employment, while others are creating jobs by engaging in various gainful ventures.
Although COVID-19 has complicated your joining University in-person, rest assured that it shall come to pass and you shall make up for the inconveniences it has caused and thrive. All difficulties we have hard since time immemorial never lasted for ever. Obey the safety measures given by the experts until when you shall be informed to join the University in-person.
While still interacting with the University from remote distances, I urge you to follow the guidance you shall be given from time-to-time to progress well. Remember that “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to transform the world – Nelson Mandela”. And “Knowledge is the only input of production that has no diminishing returns - Peter Drucker”. Arm yourselves with the very best of Education and Knowledge in Chuka University so that you become useful members of society.
I look forward to seeing you soon. May God protect you until then. Thank you for your attention.

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Congratulatory Remarks from Dean of Students- Dr. Benjamin Kanga

We are excited that you are joining Chuka University, and we want you to know that we are here to help you reach your educational and career goals. Orientation is required for all incoming students and is designed to provide you with information about academic resources, campus resources and how to register for classes.
During orientation, you will learn about academic programmes, student services, and other student support programmes. You will be introduced to your respective Faculties, the student information portal, friendly rules and regulations, as well as policies and procedures followed in Chuka University. Kindly participate fully in the online orientation sessions and content as laid out below. May God bless and keep you safe until when you will be able to join us in-person soon.



Dr. G. K. Gathungu, Ph.D, Dean FAES

Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Studies

Prof. Musundi Sammy W., PhD. Dean FSET

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology

Prof S.K. Wambugu, Dean FHSS

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


School of Nursing and Public Health

Prof. Joseph M. Kavulya- Librarian

Library, Digital Library Services

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